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KWTG - Kansas Wine Technical Group

What is it?:

A KGGWA initiative for the purpose of improving our own wines, along with all wine in the Midwest.

How does it work?:

All wines are tasted blind and we will have an open and honest format, focused on education and constructive winemaking advice. After the bling tasting and comments, the winemaker is revealed and will discuss the wine and further constructive discussion will continue. The goal is to leave having learned more options than you new prior to the workshop about how to improve your wine prior to bottling it.


Membership is open and available to any KGGWA member winemakers or KGGWA member professionals working for a licensed winery, or to those KGGWA members who have applied for a commercial winery license.

Workshop Procedure:

Workshops are open to KGGWA/KWTG members only. All wines brought for assessment and discussion are to be unfinished or flawed wines that could benefit from constructive advice.

Workshops are $35.00.

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