10 Most Popular Kansas Wineries

Here’s our list of the 10 Most Popular Kansas Wineries.

1. Fossil Springs Winery 

The Fossil Springs Winery, located in southeast Paola, Kansas, is not your run-of-the-mill winery. Instead of using grapes, owners Mark and Christina Allison use berries — elderberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries — to create their signature wine. They also make their wines in dry, semi-sweet, and sweet varieties, as they understand how people’s tastes can be different. 

When asked, though, they revealed that making wine was not the original plan. They cultivated elderberries to make juices to supplement their retirement income. Not only did their business take off, but they had plenty of elderberries to play around and try out good wine recipes with. Specializing in good fruit wine made them stand out from the other wineries in the area. 


2. Crescent Moon Winery

The Crescent Moon Winery, located just north of Lawrence, offers free educational lessons on how their 11 different varieties of wine grapes are grown and cultivated for people who are interested in the art of wine-making. The Crescent Moon Winery will even allow you to participate in their harvest during the fall season! Aside from offering handcrafted wines, they also carry wine slushies and locally-produced hard apple and pear cider on tap. 


3. Rowe Ridge Vineyard & Winery

Mark and Pamela Rowe, owners of Rowe Ridge Vineyard and Winery, established the first vineyard in Wyandotte County and planted their first grapevines in 2005. Today, the winery has over 3,000 vines that expand across five acres! 

Visitors have the opportunity to taste the locally produced wine, browse the gift shop, and take a stroll through the vineyard. Live bands and unique art events also frequent the location. You’ll also get the chance to participate in the winery’s harvest events during the fall season. 


4. Simply Sangria 

Simply Sangria Winery is a family-owned business located in Wichita, Kansas. They specialize in handcrafted wines and, of course, sangrias! 

The business was conceptualized when founder Brian Miller tried his best to recreate a sangria he’d had in one of his travels. Although he wasn’t able to replicate the drink perfectly, he felt he had created a better one! He began offering his mix to family and friends until he decided to finally open up shop. 

If you drop by the winery, you can taste this famed sangria alongside many of their homemade wines! 


5. Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery 

Somerset Ridge Vineyard and Winery has a whopping 8,000 vineyards to make specialized, premium wines. It is found along the Frontier Military Historic Byway, which gives you the perfect opportunity to walk through important historical locations, such as the John Brown Museum, Fort Leavenworth, and Fort Scott, with a glass of their best wine in your hand. 


6. Grace Hill Winery 

Grace Hill Winery in the Wichita area is home to 15 different wines of both red and white, sweet and dry, to cater to everyone’s unique palate. You’ll get to tour the vineyard, winery, and cellar to learn what makes their wines stand out from the rest. An event center is also available for people looking for a venue for their wedding, anniversary, and other celebrations. 


7. Crooked Post Winery

The Crooked Post Winery at Lake Perry is heavily inspired by Italian architecture and wine style. This winery uses homegrown French-American hybrid grapes for their handcrafted, signature wines, with over 4,000 vineyards. Aside from their wine, they also offer craft beer from the nearby Norsemen Brewery and Free State Brewery. Whiskey tastings are also available in the location quarterly. 


8. Bluejacket Crossing Vineyard & Winery

Aside from offering their famous handcrafted wines, the Bluejacket Crossing Vineyard and Winery in Eudora celebrates other local farmers and their businesses by offering their products in the Tasting Room for purchase, alongside their special wines. During the fall season, you’ll also get the chance to participate, from harvesting the grapes down to processing the fruit and other wine-making activities. 


9. Pome on the Range Orchard & Winery

Pome on the Range Orchard and Winery is another winery that veers away from using traditional grapes in its wines. The winery in Williamsburg cultivates apples and peaches to turn into their special handcrafted apple, peach, and blended wines, available for both tasting and purchase. Nuts, jams, cheese, and fresh pies from other Kansas producers are also available. 


10. Prairie Fire Winery & Vineyard

The Prairie Fire Winery and Vineyard is located across 60 acres and offers a whopping 17 different wines, including red, white, blush, and sparkling. This family business is found in Flint Hills, an ideal location for growing grapes, as the combination of both the soil and the constant rainfall is the perfect environment to cultivate picture-perfect grapes every single time.