Kansas Vineyards

Here’s our list of the best vineyards in Kansas

Prairie Fire Winery & Vineyard

The Prairie Fire Vineyard offers some of the best views in all Kansas vineyard tours. Walking up Flint Hills gives you the best view for miles and miles in each direction, and it’s worth walking along those 33 rows of grapes! 


Z&M Twisted Vines Vineyard

The Z&M Twisted Vines Vineyard, located in Lawrence, believes that going green is best to sustain their business. They produce four different wine grapes in the most eco-friendly way and harvest their rainwater. 


Aubrey Vineyards

Aubrey Vineyards stretches up to 200 acres just south of River Ridge in Kansas. This area has fertile, loamy soil slopes, perfect for cultivating and growing grapevines. Aside from having wines in their brand new tasting room, you’ll also get to experience live music and food trucks that’ll surely make your visit worthwhile. 


Albonee Country Inn & Vineyards

The Albonee Country Inn & Vineyards is located on a hillside estate overlooking the Little Blue Valley in Independence, Missouri. This is the perfect location for those tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as the property is in a remote, serene setting. 

The rustic, family-owned inn can also be rented for special occasions, but if you’d like a quiet afternoon of wine tasting, the generous owners will surely give you the best bang for your buck! 


TerraVox Vineyard

TerraVox Vineyard is located just north of Kansas City. There are currently over 30 grape varieties available, comprising a rare collection of American Heritage Grapes, including Albania, Lomanto, and Wetumka varieties, among others. 


Fence Stile Vineyards

Fence Stile Vineyards is located in the rolling hills of Excelsior Springs, Missouri, just outside of Kansas City. You can enjoy a view of the vines or stroll amongst them with a glass of their specialty wines. They also provide plenty of cozy settings, whether sitting out on the patio or around an outdoor fire pit. 


Mallinson Vineyard & Hall

Mallinson Vineyard and Hall is located in Sugar Creek, Missouri. Although it’s quite a long way to go, you will love visiting the location, as they have locally-made wines in their tasting room that could double as a gift for yourself and other people. The location carries six different wines for you to choose from. 


Shiloh Vineyards 

Shiloh Vineyards is a family-owned business that has been around since 2008. The vineyard houses 167 acres of Chardonnay grapes, converted to dry whites, dry reds, semi-sweet white, fruit, and dessert wines. A visit to the location in Western Kansas would entail a wine tasting and informative tour.